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General conditions for catamaran and yacht renting



1. Reservations and payment policy

1.1. The client sends a request in writing form via e-mail to the platform BVA Charter, owned entity ANNY N.E.P.A., or use electronic reservation system BVA Charter, stating:

1.1.1. The vessel that he/ she wants to hire, offered by the platform BVA Charter;

1.1.2. Period of use not less than 7 days or if it is for a longer period, it must be a multiple of 7 days;

1.1.3. Optional additional services (if you use any) from the ones described below;

 1.2. Within 24 hours of application received, ANNY N.E.P.A. presents a specific price offer to the Customer with the conditions for renting.

 1.3. After receiving a written confirmation of the presented offer by the Client, ANNY N.E.P.A. provides a contract for renting of the vessel and a proforma invoice for advanced payment.

 1.4. Within 5 working days after delivery of the contract, it should be signed by two parties and the advance amount equivalent to 50% of the agreed price, which guarantees the preservation of the vessel and the sailing period, should be paid by the Client, what is considered that the reservation was made. If the contract is not sighed within 5 working days of its submission cancels the obligation of ANNY N.E.P.A. to keep the certain vessel reserved within the chosen by the client period.

 1.5. Within 30 days prior to departure, the remaining amount of the contract, equivalent to 50% of the agreed price should be paid by the Client.

 1.6. Not later than one week prior to charter departure, the Client should send to ANNY N.E.P.A. a list containing the names of the crew of the rented vessel.


 ​2. Renting of the vessel

The vessel is considered rented when the following conditions were kept:

2.1. A contract was signed and the whole amount for renting was paid;

2.2. All passengers were registered for departure from port;

2.3. After the special instruction, an Instruction Sheet for conditions of use of the vessel and safety equipment was signed by the Client and all passengers.  


 3. Additional services.

3.1. Mandatory

 3.1.1. When declared by the owner of the vessel that it will be rented with skipper, the use of skipper is mandatory. Observing this, the skipper is determined by the owner of the vessel or ANNY N.E.P.A.

3.1.2. An inspection of the vessel after sailing must be be carried out in the presence of the Client  or a appointed by the Client representative.

3.1.3. Final cleaning – it is conducted at the end of the charter period by a cleaning company, hired by ANNY N.E.P.A. or by the Owner of the Vessel.

3.1.4. Loading fuel tanks and fresh water - the vessel is transmitted with full tanks, as it is received, carry out by the skipper or a representative of ANNY N.E.P.A.

3.1.5. Blackwater holding tank cleaning at the open sea – it is cariied out by the skipper or the Client.

3.1.6. Port taxes are paid depending on the use of port services.


3.2. Optional

3.2.1. Use the services of Hostess/ chef are depending on the size and conditions of the vessel and is done upon request by the Client.

3.2.2. Transfer from / to the port - if required by the Client.

3.2.3. Food and beverages ensuring on the board of the vessel – if required by the Client.

3.2.4. Hotel reservation, rent a car, ferry tickets, etc. – if required by the Client.


 ​4. Rental prices for the vessel and for the additional services - mandatory and optional are indicated in each particular price offer for the vessel (see catamarans and yachts)

Optional services are negotiated in advance, based on Client’s request.


 5. Payment policy

5.1. Payments related to the rent of the vessel shall be done by bank transfer to the appointed in the contract bank account according the specified terms and conditions.

5.2. Payments related to the deposit guarantee should be done by bank transfer to the appointed in the contract bank account or in cash in euro, according the terms and conditions stated in the contract. 

5.3. Payments related to the additional services are done at the day of departure to a representative of ANNY N.E.P.A. or to the skipper.


6. Cancellation or change of reservation

 6.1. In case of cancellation or change of reservation, the Client must notify in written form ANNY NEPA. In case of cancellation, the company has the right to calculate a fee by keeping fully or partially made in advance or final payment under the contract, depending on the date of booking and date of withdrawal.

 Specific conditions of cancellation of reservation are stated in offer or in the vessel rental agreement.


7. Deposits

 7.1. Deposit guarantee is used to recover damages or losses caused to the vessel during the sailing, including as deductibles in case of an insurance event caused by the fault of the Client, except those resulting from normal wear and tear during operation or made by the fault of the skipper in the event that the vessel was provided with skipper recommended by ANNY NEPA. The deposit is paid by the Client by bank transfer to the appointed account or in cash in euros before departure and returned to the customer after inspection of the boat when returning to port. If damages were found in the equipment, machinery, sails, electrical system and all other subsystems, if there was loss or damage to some parts of furniture, from deposit shall be deducted the equivalent value determined by market prices, for recovery of the damages/ losses.

7.2. In event leading to a deduction of the whole deposit amount or a part of the deposited amount, the Client receives documents for expenditure to cover the damages.

7.3. The amount of the deposit depends on the boat that is rented. The exact amount of the deposit is indicated in each specific offer for the vessel (see catamarans and yachts).

7.4. Damage caused by force majeure, which are not caused by the skipper or the passengers (bad weather, collision with another vessel cause by someone else’s fault, damages caused by wild animals/, the Client is obliged to report the incident immediately to ANNY N.E.P.A. (see contacts) and/ or to the respective port and/ or write a suitable report for the purpose of its delivery to the insurers.


 ​8.  Insurance

8.1. All vessels have obligatory insurance covering various risks during sailing, what is included in the rental price. You can familiarize yourself with the insurance policy, which will be granted to the Client upon request. The insurance of the vessel does not include insurance type Life, Accident, Health and similar regarding passengers on board. ANNY N.E.P.A. can assist and recommend a type of insurance and an insurance company where the Client can make his/ her personal insurance.


 9. Obligations of ANNY N.E.P.A.

 9.1. ANNY N.E.P.A. guarantee that the vessel will be available at the agreed place and time, in good condition - clean, stocked and ready to sail with the equipment specified in the lease contract. If ANNY N.E.P.A. is not able to provide the agreed in the contract vessel, the company will provide the customer with a similar or better than the agreed vessel or will offer compensation to the Client under the conditions described in the rental contract.

 9.2. To inform authorities if find evidence or suspicion of imported aboard drugs, firearms and other substances or objects prohibited by law.  

 9.3. To inform authorities in case of suspected or actual performance of human trafficking on board of the vessel.


 10.  Obligations of the Client

 10.1. The Client should hire the offered by ANNY N.E.P.A. skipper (obligatory condition for vessels hired with skipper);

10.2. The Client should not sub-let the vessel to a third party;

10.3. The Client should not transport people or products for commercial purposes;

10.4. The Client should not illegal traffic of human.

10.5. The Client should not accept more passengers on the boat by explicitly mentioned in the list of crew and (or the maximum number for the vessel);

10.6. The Client must keep the charter sheet, instruction sheet, contracts, insurance policies, invoices and other documents related to the sailing during the whole period of the charter.

10.7. The Client should inform ANNY N.E.P.A. if there are changes related the number of the passengers during the charter;  

10.8. The Client should observe the laws of the host country;

10.9. The Client should not participate in competitions and regattas without the prior written consent of ANNY N.E.P.A .;

10.10. The Client shoul not manage the vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

10.11. The Client should not submit aboard drugs, firearms and other substances or articles prohibited by law;

10.12. The Client should not leave the port if he/ she expect winds with a force greater than 25 knots, or if port authorities have issued a ban on leaving the port;

10.13. The Client should plan his/ her route carefully, so two days before the day of the return of the vessel at the named port, it is situated approximately 40 nautical miles from it;

10.14. In case of bad weather or disaster, accident, force majeure, The Client must strictly obey safety instructions given by the skipper or the Client hired the vessel without a skipper, he/ she should take all possible actions to ensure the safety of the vessel and passengers on the board. In these cases, the Client must immediately inform the representative of ANNY N.E.P.A., as well as the port and/ or emergency services providing information about the exact location of the vessel and the condition of the passengers;

10.15. The Client should not conduct any fishing and underwater activities, if he/ she has no valid license;

10.16. Depending on meteorological conditions, the Client should avoid unnecessary tension of the mast, sails and ropes;

10.17. The Client should not bring on board any pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) without a preliminary written consent of ANNY N.E.P.A .;

10.18. The Client should clear blackwater holding tank at the open sea, but at least on a distance of 1 nautical mile from the nearest land;

10.19. The Client guarantees that he/ she is jointly responsible for the actions of all members of the crew;

10.20. The Client must return the vessel in the condition and form it was received and according to the agreed contract terms;

10.21. The Client agrees to take care of the rented vessel with due diligence, observing the laws and regulations of the country where it sails.


 ​11.  Arrival/ check-in

11.1. The Client should be present at the vessel at the agreed in the contract date and hour.

11.2. The Client should present to a representative of ANNY N.E.P.A., responsible for the transmission of the vessel, the charter contract and a list with the names of the passengers.   

11.3. The vessel is provided with full fuel and water tanks and should be returned in the same condition.

11.4. Upon receipt of the yacht/ catamaran the Client receives a short briefing and must make an inspection of the inventory and condition of the vessel and then sign a handover protocol.


 ​12. Departure/ check-out

12.1. The check-out of the yacht or catamaran becomes on the appointed at the contract date  (which always falls on a Saturday) till 9:00h. It is obligatory to return the vessel at the agreed place in the previous day (Friday) till 18:00h and to spend the night at the port there.

12.2. After completing the charter, the yacht or catamaran is issued back to the representative of ANNY N.E.P.A., who verifies the overall condition of the vessel, inventory and content of the fuel and water tanks.

12.3. The Client should refill the fuel and water tanks for its own account and return the the vessel with empty blackwater holding tanks.

12.4. If the yacht or catamaran is not returned at the agreed port, the Client shall pay all expenses related to the transfer of the vessel to the respective port and a penalty for delay (if any); information about the value of the penalty contains in the offer or charter contract.

12.5. Any delay to transmission the vessel caused because of bad weather conditions does not relieve the Client from responsibility to bear the costs of returning the vessel and to pay the agreed penalties for the delay. It is recommended that during the last 24 hours of the charter period the yacht or catamaran shall be situated at an adequate distance from the final port, sufficient to meet the deadline for returning the vessel at the agreed place.

12.6. In case of returning the vessel with more than one hour delay, the Client should pay a penalty in the amount agreed in the contract and cover all the expenses resulting from the inability to deliver the yacht or catamaran to the next customer.

12.7. Upon Client request, the charter period could be extended. Depending on the availability of the vessel, the extension of the charter period should be explicitly additionally agreed.



General information

From May 25, 2018. a new Data Protection Protection Regulation, adopted by the European Union on 27 April 2016, entered into force. The regulation aims to ensure the protection of data of individuals from all EU Member States, which requires changes to existing practices with regard to their processing.
ANNY N.E.P.A. meets all the requirements of the new regulation by collecting only individuals' data insofar as they are necessary for the provision of the services and keeping them responsibly and legally.
ANNY N.E.P.A. performs its activity in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data .

Information about the Privacy Controller
1.Name: ANNY N.E.P.A.
2.EEC: 997061133
3.Central and management address: Athens, Greece; 15, Aristidou str.
5.Telephone: +359 888140906

Information about the Data Protection Officer
1.Name: Borislav Borisov
2.Central and management address: Athens, Greece; 15, Aristidou str.
3.Telephone: +359 888140906

Information on the competent supervisory authority
1.Name: Commission for Personal Data Protection
2.Country and address of management: Sofia 1592, "Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov
3. Corridor data: Sofia 1592, "Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov
4.Telephone: 02 915 3 518
6.Web site:

Reason for collecting, processing and storing your personal data
1. (1) ANNY N.E.P.A. collect and process your personal data in connection with the conclusion and execution of contracts, payments with banks, provision of data in relation to the requirements of the maritime administration Greece on the grounds of Art. 6, para. 1, Regulation (EC) 2016/679.
(2) ANNY N.E.P.A. is an administrator of personal data regarding your data as a user of our services.

Objectives and principles of collecting, processing and storing your personal data
2. (1) ANNY N.E.P.A. collect and process the personal data you provide to us in connection with the use of our services and for the conclusion of a contract with the company and for subscription for the following purposes:
· Individualization of a party to the contract;
· Ensuring the implementation of the contract for the provision of the respective service;
· provision of data related to the requirements of the maritime administration Greece
· registration of a participant in events organized by ANNY N.E.P.A .;
· accounting books;
· static goals;
· sending information messages on services, events, consultations;
· Improve and personalize the service by offering offers, articles, events and other products and services that are right for you, which may be of interest to you;
(2) ANNY N.E.P.A. adheres to the basic principles in the processing of your personal data:
• integrity and severity of return and ensuring an adequate level of security of personal privacy;
·Economic, bona fide and prosperous;
· Restriction of the goals of reversal;
· Relevance to processing goals and minimization of collected data;
· Restriction of preservation in order to achieve the goals;
What kind of personal data collects, revives and stores ANNY N.E.P.A.?
3. (1) ANNY N.E.P.A. performs the following operations with personal data for the following purposes:
· Conclusion and execution of a commercial transaction with a client or a partner - the purpose is to conclude and execute a contract with a trading partner or a client and its administration;
·Delivery of information to the maritime administration;
· Processing queries from the ANNY N.E.P.A ..
(2) ANNY N.E.P.A. processes the following personal data for the purpose of performing the above-mentioned operations - your individualizable data: name and surname, e-mail, telephone, PIN, address, ID number).

Shelf life of your personal data
4. Your personal data is stored by the administrator until your consent to processing has been withdrawn by sending an e-mail, in which case ANNY N.E.P.A. is obliged to discontinue the processing of your personal data, except in the cases when these data require a storage period determined by a legal act.

Dismissal of your consent to your personal data
5. If you do not wish your personal data to continue to be reclaimed by ANNY N.E.P.A. for any or all processing purposes, you may at any time withdraw your consent to processing by sending an email to ANNY N.E.P.A.

Right to Delete ("Being Featured")
6. (1) You have the right to request from ANNY N.E.P.A. delete your personal data, and ANNY N.E.P.A. has the obligation to delete them without undue delay when one of the following reasons is present:
- the personal data are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
· if you withdraw your consent on which the data reliance is based and there is no other legal basis for the reversal;
· if you object to the processing of personal data relating to you, including for marketing purposes, and there are no legitimate grounds for the processing that will take precedence;
• personal data has been tampered with.
(2) In order to exercise your right to "bind", you should submit a request via email to ANNY N.E.P.A.
(3) ANNY N.E.P.A. does not erase the data he has a legal obligation to store, including for defense against claims made against him or proof of his rights.

Your rights to violate the security of your personal data
7. (1) If ANNY N.E.P.A. identify a breach of security of your personal information that may pose a high risk to your rights and freedoms, we will inform you without undue delay of the violation as well as of the issues that have been or are being taken.
(2) ANNY N.E.P.A. he is not required to tell you if:
· has taken appropriate technical and organizational safeguards for the data affected by the breach of security;
· has subsequently taken measures to ensure that the violation will not lead to a high risk for your resource;
· Awareness would require disproportionate efforts.
Other provisions
8. In case of violation of your rights under the above or applicable data protection laws, you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission as follows:
1.Name: Commission for Personal Data Protection
2.Country and address of management: Sofia 1592, "Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov
3.Data for correspondence: Sofia 1592, "Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov
4.Telephone: 02 915 3 518
6.Web site: